timestamp problem Cubase 6.06

Hi, it’s been a while since I recorded anything live as most of what I do is sequenced anyway. Yesterday I did record live using my Edirol kb, playing a few hits to get the timing the way I wanted it. It sounded perfect as I was playing it, but when I replayed the midi however, the notes were obviously early with regard to how I played them in live. So I realized ok, I need to check the timestamp box in the Device Setup. I did so, but this did NOT solve the problem. I have a very low latency on my system, just 3ms or so (using RME Fireface ASIO). When recording, I was not using any vst fx on this track so I suppose plugin latency can also be discarded. What else can I do?

What latency are you running the system at?

Also try the constrain delay compensation button? hint: make sure you know what it does by checking the manual.

thanks for such a swift reply :slight_smile: I just updated my first post, mentioning latency details. I’ll give the delay compensation a go thanks. But as I’m not running plugins on that particular track…?

Is your MIDI device connected by USB or do you use the Fireface’s MIDI ports?
Did you updated your systems Direct-X to the latest version?
And like Split mentioned, at what buffer size are you working?

Ah… well at 3ms through latency and no plugins then CDC will probably make no difference.

buffersize is 128 samples, that gives me around 3 ms of latency with the Fireface. Input latency = 3.9 ms, Output latency 5.0 ms. I just did some testing and Constrain Delay Compensation does seem to have an effect! I didn’t think in the right way, obviously any plugins that are running will introduce latency. I need to do some more extensive testing, but I think the issue will be solved by turning on Constrain delay comp. In a record time, too! Thanks for the help guys

3.9ms and 5ms = 9ms through latency, plus any plugin delay and hidden buffers and keyboard response time so you could well be up at the 10 to 12 ms total through latency.

yeah well, I remember now why I started to sequence everything. apart from my own sloppy playing those delays are just what I need to get everything to glue, not! I have another question regarding generic remote, but I’ll open a different topic for that - maybe we’ll meet there :wink: