Timestamp weirdness?

I’m having an issue…and bumped this thread, but apparently they must’ve been using an older version. I’m updated to 6.07:

Newest RME driver changed the AMOUNT of the negative offset, but not it happening.

As a preliminary report…setting the Preferences>Record>Audio “prerecord seconds” from 1 to 0 seems to have fixed it. FYI. Further testing tonight in actual projects to confirm…but, it’s not like I ever changed that–could the 6.07 update have set that or something?

Now…I have to get my Cubase prefs back…I’m down all my IO FX and controllers…

Seems to be fine now. I don’t know what that prerecord function is SUPPOSED to do…but, it screws up the timestamps…unacceptable. It’s set to 0 and all seem fine now.