Timestretch pops and glitches

Time stretching one audio track - when using any Elastique algorithms and then playing back I get pops and glitches in that track.

Happens in the same place until I move the cursor and then it happens in a slightly different place. Eventually after playing it back 5 or 6 times the glitches mostly stop.

Bouncing selection is glitch free (thankfully) but makes adjusting stretches a real pain because I can’t properly hear the result unless I bounce it out every time.

Changing buffer size makes no difference. I’ve had this issue since Cubase 9 but it hasn’t annoyed me enough to post about it until now!

Any advice/solutions welcome. Current workaround is to use Standard algorithms until mix-down, but I really shouldn’t have to work this way in a $1000 piece of software imho :wink:

After a bit more experimenting I’ve found another workaround is to keep the Elastique algorithm but start playback 4+ seconds before the timestretched clip. Far fewer pops and glitches, but again this is an inconvenient way of working especially when fine tuning a single clip!

Same issue here running 10.3.0 on WIN 10 : has it been logged as a bug ?
Terribly anoying…

Same here. Anybody with Nuendo 11 can check if this is fixed, please?

Im not a Nuendo user but this happens to me in Cubase Pro 11 all the time. Just writing here so i can follow the development of this thread.
All the best

This a very old and yet-to-be-resolved bug. Sometimes, stretched audios generate random glitches. The workaround is just bouncing the audio clip.

It happens sometimes only with fades too. Anyone can confirm this? I’m in Cubase, sorry to inamvade the nuendo section with this.