TIMESTRETCH PROBLEM- I cannot timestretch without pitch drop

I am very frustrated. :imp: I cannot seem to time-stretch anything in C6 without it dropping the pitch. It is happening on MPEX, standard, and Elastique. This is holding me up on a project now. I’ve never experienced this previously with any other version on Cubase. How can this be happening?

Please help! Thanks.

Wow, I guess I must have a unique bug that will require SB technical support.

Is the track in Time Linear Mode?

what sample rate are you in?

Cubase 6’s timestretching is completely broken at any non-44.1khz sample rate. The only workaround is to set the timestretch mode to “realtime” which actually sounds pretty good in C6 due to elastique. If you’re worried about CPU consumption and/or want it to behave like normal just go ahead and bounce the audio so it writes a new file. It’s a widely reported(and hopefully soon to be fixed) bug with many threads here. Hope that helps.

I’ve been working in 48k/32-bit. I did also try real-time mode and still had the exact same problem. Boy, that is a big bug! I ended up having to go to Wavelab and use the painfully slow Dirac mode (took 15 minutes per track). I didn’t know this was a well know bug as I have been too busy these days to lurk on the forum. I hope SB fixes this soon.