Timestretch Problems

Ok here’s a tough one : I do have a serious problem with C6 64 bit. (Windows 7)

General behaviour= Good

Time stretch= should happen automatically and not after enabling musical mode since the elastique pro is??? available. Enabling musical mode ruins the wave files which is incomprehensible after so many years trying to implement this. A $30 application does it by default. Being a Cubase user since the VST version it saddens me to find these kind of bugs.


  1. Record a wave file.

  2. Go to sample editor

  3. Activate the musical mode.
    Result= auto tempo change without any reason:
    The wave ‘jumps’ forward (when using elastique)

  4. in standard Mode
    a) distorted sound (+10/-10 tempo change)
    b) very sloppy audio behaviour with ramp tempo changes on the master tempo track definitions.

Being able to use Reaper, Pro Tools, and Logic where nothing of this sort happens but having Cubase 6 on my DAW i do feel I bit frustrated.
Any Ideas?

Best Regards