…I have run into this phenomenon several times and just lived with it…now I want an answer…

I have audio traks that I want to increase and or decrease tempo. Using the sizing timestretch tool I am able to change tempo without altering the pitch, no poroblem…but what I am hearing is a marbled or wobly sound…even with a slight stretch or shrink of the audio trak…the track in question is a piano trak 38.7 mb Wave Sound that I want to practice at a lower speed, not really an issue, but with other projects I am workin on, aligning tracks to share same tempo, I get that unusual effect…could this be an Algo-rythm setting?..THX

could this be an Algo-rythm setting?..

Could be -What is the problem with trying a different one yourself?

The time stretch algorithm is set separately from the default or audio editor algorithm though.

You have to go to File=>Preferences=>Editing=>Audio. Second from bottom is the Time Stretch Tool Algorithm.

Also, low frequencies and instruments with a wide frequency spectrum, tend to give problems more frequently with time stretch.

Alternatively call up the Audio Pool window Ctrl+p and change the algo from there, dead easy to scroll through them all to see which one best suits your needs.

Yes. It looks like I had my story half right.

When the audio prefs for time stretch tool is set to real time, it uses the pool/editor algorithms. In the audio prefs you have the added option of using the Mpex algorithms. Those process offline though so the changes are made directly to the audio file. If you continually stretch using those, it will degrade the file severely.

…thanks guys, “ya learn something new every day…if I could only remember what I learned yesterday” lol…
don’t you just hate posters that give a derogatory remark and not a solution to the issue?

Yep, almost as much as those posters who feel immediately offended, when asked, to show a minimum amount of self initiative to solve their own problem.