Timestretching single notes

Everywhere I read about timestretching, it mentions about hitpoints and musical mode.

Everything in our projects are deliberately in linear mode to allow full timing to be specified by the guitar, and everything else needs to fall into that. It cannot change as it was videoed.

I have a bass track that has a couple of notes that need to shift to match the guitar track.

Now, ideally (in the most perfect of all possible worlds), I would mark a point either side of the offending note as points to remain fixed, and then move the point at the start of the note forward. Voila, the track outside the outer points should remain unchanged, while the section before the note is compressed time-wise, and the section after stretched. Two clicks and and a click-and-drag, and it would be done!

Given that I could not read how it could be done as easily as above, one way (that works) to shift a note forward is to:

  1. Cut the track just before the note to be changed and the preceding and following notes.
  2. Set grid to 1ms and sizing mode to ‘Sizing Applies Timestretch’.
  3. Size the preceding note’s part by the end until it matches the guitar note.
  4. Size the note part by the start to the end of the preceding note.
  5. Adjust any other notes the same way.
  6. Glue them together (unfortunately ‘Freeze edits’ does not work).
  7. Select whole track and bounce.

Can anybody enlighten me as to whether my ‘ideal way’ can be done, or another way that is simpler than my steps above?

Your ideal way sounds pretty much like Freewarp to me.

You might want to read this though: