Timewarp/audio quantize on multi-mic recordings

Hi all. So I’m trying to figure out how to use Cubase’s time warp features on performances I’ve recorded with multiple mics. I can’t seem to find any methods that don’t produce an unusable phase issue however.

As an example, right now I have two mics recording a guitar cabinet, and I’m using mAutoAlign as an insert on each track to handle the phase displacement. I’ve put the two tracks in a Folder and enabled Group Editing.

From there, if I double-click the event and use time warp, it seems like all my edits will be on only one of the two waveforms. The other is greyed out and isn’t affected by any input here.

If I instead open the Quantize Panel in the main view, I get the Quantizing Multiple Audio Tracks options. I feel like based on the description in the docs, Priority is intended to handle the problem I’ve experiencing here - it seems like, in theory, I could set one track to 5 Priority and another to 0, and it would warp both tracks by the decisions the quantization algorithm made based on just the first mic’s recording. Instead I only seem to get phasing issues; it doesn’t seem like it warps both tracks in the same way.

Does anyone know how to do what I’m trying to do here? Appreciate any input. It’d be great for workflow if I didn’t have to go back to slipediting all my multi-mic recordings like I’ve been doing the past few years.

(I have seen a workaround video where the user used Audacity to reimport the performance as as a multitrack ogg… this requires that the performance is final though, which if I’m still editing the parts is not necessarily the case)

Look here:

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This is the long standing big hole in Cubase.
It`s where it fails the pro test.


Requested for many years and still not implemented. It’s a major disadvantage with Cubase.