Timewarp Help Please?

Hoping someone can give me a hand with Timewarp?

I have a ‘finished’ project with only midi parts/tracks.
I have an audio file of the same song that was recorded freestyle with no click track.
I like the feel of the freestyle groove, with all it’s tempo variations and want to use Timewarp to make the entire midi project sync to the audio… then I’ll delete/mute the audio track - simples!?

I did this before in older versions of Cubase (now using v8 Pro) and all was OK but when I tried it just now, although the varying tempo track changes are created, when I go to look at any of the midi parts in key edit, all the note events are no longer aligned to the grid? Tried looking at other posts and may have half an idea where I went wrong (all existing midi tracks were left in linear time mode and I used the default ‘Warp Grid’, not the choice with ‘Musical Events Follow’ appended - think this was ‘wrong’!) but really hoping someone can just give simple step by step help? Don’t want to waste another session dragging the grid lines in Timewarp before I’m sure of what I’m doing.

I am just using Timewarp in ‘Project’ mode, not within a part editor window - thanks in advance!

I presume you were using the audio track as your basis for TimeWarp? And your original MIDI recording was done to the click?
If so, with the settings you describe above, then the actual (time) positions of the MIDI notes/events will remain fixed, even after completing TimeWarp. So, in this case (providing that you did at least align the audio and the MIDI to start together), the MIDI Parts should be in Musical Timebase.
(You’d want your MIDI tracks to be in Linear Timebase in the opposite situation… if you had recorded your MIDI freely, without click, and keeping the way the MIDI sounds, you wanted to align Cubase’s grid to the MIDI :wink: )

Thanks Vic; yes all the midi tracks were created to a click, in fact all the note and controller data was entered in key edit with pencil etc. and quantise/snap on (obviating my poor keyboard playing skills - I’m a good guitarist and composer but no keyboardist!)

Also yes, I use the audio track solely for it’s free time feel, and yes I align the first beat of it with the first midi note, then using Timewarp (in main project window with snap turned off) drag the bar/beat lines to match the (mostly obvious) beats in the wav file. Last time I did this was in Cubase 5.0 and it all ‘just happened’, but I guess they’ve added/changed a few things since then :slight_smile:

So I’ll try again with same basic method, but this time make sure all the tracks are set to Musical Timebase first and use the Warp Grid (Musical Events Follow) mode - correct?

Many thanks!

Not quite…
Normal Timewarp, not “Musical Events Follow”, and, if your audio track contains more than one event, leave that audio track in Linear Timebase (because you don’t want the events on it to move :wink: )

Brilliant - thanks so much - I was just about to get started in a minute.
I’ll do a small section first and then go check the midi parts… :wink:

Just to follow up - weirdly it seems that no matter what I do with Timewarp/track settings in the project window, existing quantised midi parts always get their events moved off grid (or stay where they are and the grid moves perhaps?) - however, if I use Timewarp to set tempo markers from within the wave editor window for the audio file I’m using as the tempo master, all is hunky dory :slight_smile: - I don’t get a choice of Timewarp types from within the audio editor window so don’t know if that is dependant on what has been previously selected in the project window or not.

Thanks again for responding so quickly; perhaps if you get a few spare minutes you might replicate the scenario and see if I’m going crazy or not. Just create a midi track/part with about 16 bars of quantised note events and then import ‘any old audio’ file and use it to create a tempo track… I tried it every which way in the project window!

Cheers :slight_smile:

Just out of interest…
Were you placing the TimeWarp points every bar or every beat? (If only every bar, depending upon how fluctuating the tempo is, the individual beats could be “off” anyways). Apart from the problem with the MIDI, how does Cubase’s click play against the audio?

I was pretty much placing points on every beat, sometimes a bar or a bar and a half apart though. The click was working fine, I could hear it syncing nicely with the audio as I set the points. The midi notes were all already snapped to the quantise grid so definitely all ‘on’ beforehand. No probs now I’m doing it inside audio edit window, but just gone midnight here and time for me to hit the sack! Best wishes from England :slight_smile: