TimeWarp - Parts not switching back to musical mode

Hey all,

I’m using Cubase 6.07 on a Mac running snow leopard.

I like to play midi parts in free tempo and then go into the part and use the time warp to align the beats. Then I erase the uneven tempi in the tempo editor and I have a pretty good part. One thing I’ve noticed, however, is that every once in a while the track (or some of the tracks) I’m working with switches from Musical Mode to Linear, this I understand is necessary when doing the time warp editing, and DOESN"T switch back to musical when I choose another tool (usually things switch back to musical when I change to arrow etc). Even when exiting the part, without erasing anything on the tempo track, when I see the track it is switched to linear mode. This creates lots of problems when I go to even out my tempi by erasing tempo events as I wont know which parts are switched to musical and which are switched to linear.

If this is some feature, I hope someone will explain, if not it is definitely a bug.


Followup - I can reproduce the problem.

If I open up a Piano track played in freely in midi, while in the edit window I use the Warp tool to adjust tempo. While adjusting tempo I can see the “note” turn to a "clock"on the midi track signifying change from Musical to linear time based mode during the edit. When I click back to arrangement all is good, track switches back to musical mode.


If I open the same track up AND open the tempo track. Make my warp tool changes and then click to the arrow tool (still in the edit window) without closing the tempo track, the midi track stays locked on linear and any changes I make to the tempo track affect the bar lines and not the midi, as if the warp tool were still selected. Even after I close the edit window and the tempo track the midi track does not revert.

bumping this because it gets very frustrating with a large pallette when a few of the instruments don’t switch back to musical when I exit out of the editor. Thanks.

This bug is really starting to get to me. I there anyone with a similar experience or who can explain why parts are not switching back to musical mode after warping tempo to match freely played midi performances?


I’m sorry you’re still having this problem, Feeserface. The only thing I can say that might be helpful is to suggest you try it in the project window instead of the edit window (page 470). I do the process you do (freely played piano, Time warp tool, etc.), and do it from the project window, and don’t have the problems you’re describing. I don’t know that I’ve done it in my latest version of Cubase though …

Maybe with this bump someone smart like thinkingcap or Vic_France will notice the thread and give a real answer!

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Thanks for the response. If its just one track its not difficult for me to keep track of, but sometimes I play in a piano track and quickly have some string and brass lines I play in. I then open all the freely played midi parts in the edit window and do it that way, I will try from the project window but its harder to see all the midi notes that way.

All the best