timewarp Points from Hitpoints? Groove Question

Hi Guys,

is there an option to make timewarp Points from Hitpoints? Or sync the Hitpoints with the Time Warp? This would be great!

I’ve got a whole Song that was live recorded on a click track. But it has a special feel and Groove that I want to capture with the Cubase Grid. I just want to sync the Cubase Grid in every little beat to all transients from the complete Song.

The Groove varried from laidback to forward sometimes. I know there is the Groove Quantise Option but as far as I know this works only for 1Bar and what if the Tempo from the Song changes a tiny bit? I think it would be better to sync the Cubase Grid to the whole song with Tempo mapping manually.

But at first I’'ve got to check if all single Hitpoints where set correctly in the complete Song. Not just the quarter Notes.


I’d use either Tempo Detection for this, or do it manually using TimeWarp.

Project Menu -> TempoDetection. You’ll find a few videos about this here and there. My top tip on this is that once you’ve detected the tempo then don’t close the detection window. Instead at this point, leave the window open and then you can warp the grid where the detection is incorrect and each time you make a correction Cubase will re-detect the tempo to the right. Thus you can move through the song getting the timing spot on.

With the manual method, I usually stretch the project window across 2 monitors, then while the project is playing quickly drop out of AutoScroll mode (F key) and grab and move a barline the put Autoscroll back on. I can usually do a song in real time like with every bar or every other bar being corrected, unless it’s way out or has complex beats or ambient sections.


Thanx a lot for these useful Tips Mike! I’ll try it out :smiley: