TimeWarp - Tracks get stuck in Time Linear Mode

Reported by feeserface

Intermittent problem.


Create several midi tracks
Open them in the Key Editor (set up the windows so you can see the project window track list, and watch the Musical Timebase icons.)
Put some notes in each track
Switch to Warp tool (regular, not ‘musical events follow’)
Move the grid with the warp tool
after a bunch of moves the tracks got stuck in Time Linear Timebase

(I continued moving the grid for a few more moves, timebase stayed stuck. Then I hit undo a few times and was able to get back to the step before the time domain got stuck)


I was able to undo back to the point where the the tracks got stuck in linear time. The tracks went back to musical timebase.

Another thing you can do for when this happens is create a Project Logical Editor preset:

Media Type is <MIDI>
Track Operation <Time Domain> <Musical>