Timing dilema

Hi all, I’m working ion a “heavy” track with a rather fast riff (for me anyway) which I can play but it’s a bit messy…so I opened another project and played the riff at 70 BPM instead of 80 and I can play it much better, then I used the function in C7 to speed the track to 80 BPM and saved it, but when I copy it to the working project it’s playing at nowhere near 80PBM…just aint got a clue why…can anyone put me right please?

Yes I know I can spend the next week or so practicing the part and get it down but I’m more interested in getting the song done than becoming a good guitarist, I want to use the technology available to speed things up…if I have to resort to playing it for a week then ok, I will…

thank you in advance…Kevin

So you were able to speed up the track to 80 BPM successfully? If so, then just export the track as a wav file and import it to the other project.

Hi and thanks for your reply but that’s what I’ve been doing, when I put it in a new project it’s not at 80BPM anymore, I know this is poss just can’t figure what I’m doing wrong…cheers, Kevin

Make sure that the wav is at the right tempo in the pool. If recorded at 80 bpm it should be set at that speed.

Ok gotcha…thanks…Kevin