Timing is off by a beat in every measure with click

Just started with Cubase 8.5 pro and experienced the following.

The click track and metronome are out of sync with the measures on every song. When I try record, say, a hi-hat click track (on the 1-2-3-4) and quantize, it places what should be the first beat on the second beat. So every measure is off by a beat. I tried changing the metronome/click from internal to midi, and the same thing occurs. The fact that quantizing places everything on the same offbeat makes me think there’s something more than just the metronome settings.

Any suggestions?



Do you Quantize while recording (AutoQ) or later on? What is your grid setup? Is your Timeline in Bars+Beats mode?

I don’t quantize when recording. Setup is Grid only and Bar (not Bars+Beats mode). I hope I understood your clarification questions correctly.

Is the song starting at Measure 1? I mean do you have any blank space before the first beat of the song? I always leave at least 16-32 bars of blank space before measure 1. I was thinking that the retro record function might be confused if you are starting at measure 1 on the grid. Just a guess.

Might help to know:

What interface you are using? (Audio and Midi)
What are the buffer settings of said interface?
Are your drivers up to date? (Audio/Midi)
Do you have the retro record function enabled?

I always leave 8-16 bars empty of blank space before a project.

I’m using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 right now
Buffer set at 2ms while recording; 10ms when not
Drivers up-to-date
I don’t know what the retro record function is. The problem started when I upgraded from Cubase 7.5 to 8.5. I just checked and the time display is set at “Bars+Beats”.

Retro Record is a brilliant function. Have you ever punched in a little late with a vocalist and it happened to be the perfect take? Retro Record will allow you to set the amount of time (buffer) that records before you hit the record button. I haven’t missed a punch in since I started using it. I have mine set to 3 seconds for audio recording. It also works with midi recording.