Timing issue in Cubase 12

I am having timing issue in cubase 12 where when I am in cycle mode say 8 bars The timing of the audio drifts … simple kick and off beat bass ? Anyone had this :frowning: The project was made in cubase 6 along time ago but been imported over the years to new cubase ver

Are you trying to tempo synch the audio? audio no longer matching the time signature / tempo?

NO not at all i just noticed that the tracks are differing in timing the kick sounds like its constant but the bass seems to drift after about 4 or 5 beats… I have tried lots of different things to eliminate it buffer size / 32 bit instead of 64 bt / pretty much everything i can think of just does not seem to stay in time … The song was mixed on cubase back in 2011 and was fine to what i can remember :frowning: I am going to load a blank and see if happens in a new project

Your song data, is that all audio stems? or is it a mix of audio / midi ?

Both instruments and audio

Are u using one of the instruments as midi sender to another instrument ? Ie not using a midi part on the track, but sending midi from the other instrument

NO It’s just an instrument track playing the notes and timing drifting in the loop after it goes round a view times then it seems to catch itself then starts drifting again :frowning:

Are all your audio clips in music mode?

Yes audio is in musical mode