timing live multitrack recordings

I would like to know wich is the apropiate process to timing free tempo live multitrak recordings. Should I use Tempo Detection-SDFT process or should I extract drums groove and quantize all the tracks to it?


I would go for Tempo Detection.

Thanks Martin Jirsak
I thinking of doing both.
Quantize to get a tide rhythm, and then tempo detection-sdft to have equal tempo beats… but I dont have it clear yet

You could create 2 different versions of the Project and give each method a try to see what works for you.

Also it kind of depends on the style of the music you recorded - for EDM hard quantizing could be exactly what you want but for jazz something looser is best.

If you are going to both Tempo Detect and Quantize the same material, I’d recommend doing the Detection first that way you will have grid lines that match up to what you recorded. But again try it both ways and see.

Finally if you take a live recorded performance that sounds like it is at a rock-solid tempo and then apply Tempo Detection, you’ll get a tempo map that is moving all around. So unless your goal is to remove all that live vibe take care and follow your ears not your eyes.

I actually have a process to add some variation into my tempo maps just to give them a more organic feel.