Timing of planned late Feb update?

I remember reading that a second update was coming out at the end of February. However, I can’t seem to find that post anymore, so I’m starting to wonder if I dreamt it all up. Is it possible to get an update on the timing? Tomorrow? Next week?

Many thanks!


I guess, the developers might be able to work more efficiently, if we exclude these kind of questions. The next update will be ready, once all hiccups and quirks are eliminated and all planned new features are implemented and tested, that’s my guess at least…


For those of us concerned with Dorico playback, what are our alternatives?
We have to swallow everything, be patient, hope, believe and pay again and again year after year…

I’m sure we’ll hear about it, one way or the other, before too long. The Dorico team are one of the most communicative and open. Most companies wouldn’t have even given us a hint. Try asking Apple for the date of a new hardware release…!


Obviously, fixing bugs and maybe adding some features takes more time than expected.


I understand “We are planning” to be a statement of intent, not a promise of a fixed date. If you ask someone their age and the reply is along the lines of “late 40’s”, most people would be quite satisfied with that answer, approximate as it is.

On the lighter side - if February was 31 days long like 7 of the other 11 months are, we would still be in February right now.


I’m sorry my question wasn’t meant to put anyone on the defensive. I just wanted to modify my work plans based on the new release date. That’s all.

We had to push back the next update by a week or so, and then we found ourselves running into the Cubase 12 release window, which isn’t a good time to be trying to release something else as well. So the update will be available next week, assuming everything goes according to plan and we don’t find any last-minute showstopping issues.


Clear - and thank you.