timing trouble

Just since c10 i’m having timing problems with audio, I hope someone can answer some questions for me. What do I do with channel latency numbers, do I compensate (if so, how) should I set samples for record latency, even though I haven’t noticed any? I record in 48-64float with buffers on my UR28m at 2000 (the highest). Any more suggestions how I can keep audio tracks from moving around? Why, when I choose lock to be just for position, I can’t do anything to a locked track? :question:


No, you don’t have to compensate the latency. Cubase compensates it by itself.

Thanks Martin, when I choose “position” only in the preferences pertaining to lock tracks, I can’t do anything to the track including editing until I unlock the track, do you know why this is?


Lock Track is something different than Lock event. The preferences is about locking the event (if you use function Edit > Lock). So you set, what kind of Lock do you use. You have another option, in the Inspector, you can setup specific Lock for the Event.

Lock of the track is about everything, all data in the track. Once you lock the track, you can’t move, change length, edit.