Timp-Toms on one-line staff

I found a score which has three “Timp-Toms” notated on a one-line staff. Could somebody tell me, which kind of instrument that is and wether it is possible to notate this in Dorico?

Watching several YouTube videos dealing with percussion and reading the manual didn’t help.

Use regular tom-toms perhaps, or roto-toms.
With a single-line percussion instrument you can create two extra playing techniques, below and above the staff.

Timp-toms.dorico.zip (565 KB)

I would guess they mean rototoms with timpani-style heads. https://www.thomann.de/gb/roto_toms.html

You can create a single-line percussion instrument in Dorico with note heads above, below, and on the line.

Thanks to both of you! That helps.