Timpani and tambourine - same system

Hi everyone,

A question regarding percussion, and kits in particular, which I’ve never got my head round…

I’d like to have one percussion player, on one system of five lines, playing tympani on a couple of lower notes, and then playing tambourine at same time (notated as crosses on top line of stave). Quite simply this is because it’s how the client handwrote it, and how he’d like to see it.

I’ve tried creating a timpani player, and then giving them tambourine as an extra instrument, but I’m stuck with where to go from there.

Many thanks


I don’t think this can be done easily in the “traditional” Dorico way of setting up players and their respective instruments.

If playback is not an issue, you can of course enter your notes in a different voice to the top line of your timpani staff and give it “x” noteheads.
If playback is needed, you can then disable playback of those notes and add a tambourine instrument (that you will not print).

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One option might be to add the Tambourine as a rhythmic cue on the Timp part.


Yes, this is exactly the kind of case where trying to do things ‘the Dorico way’ and have the semantics make sense will probably result in frustration. Just change some noteheads, add a text instruction and fix the playback in another staff.

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