Timpani pitches at beginning of score

I saw a post from a few years ago where this wasn’t possible. I’m wondering if we can do in Dorico yet?

There’s no good automatic way to do this at present, no. It’s one of those things that’s really easy to do when you’re engraving music manually but is really challenging for music notation software, because it breaks all of the assumptions that the software makes about things like where staves stop and start, how staff labels should be aligned, and so on.

I don’t think there’s a really practical way to do this at present in Dorico, I’m afraid. I can think of a bunch of impractical ways to do it, but because they’re impractical I’m not sure they can necessarily really be recommended!

Understood. Thanks Daniel!

the same feauture would also be nice for singers - to show their range at the beginning of a score

while not “automatic”, it is doable with Finale using ossia measures (the ossia tool in Finale, however, is far from easy to use in general. the Dorico version is MUCH better implemented)

it would be a really nice addition to Dorico, since this is a very common feature of classical vocal music.

Daniel, maybe this could be added to a priority list?

Honestly I would just add this as an unlinked music frame. You’ll only need to adjust its positioning if the staves move slightly.


It would be good to finally have a proper way to do incipits - for years we’ve had to slightly botch it…


I suspect most of you have already seen it, but if not: I’ve designed a font that can do these kinds of pitch incipits and ambitus ranges (and more). I’m still expanding its capabilities, so if you are still interested and maybe have some suggestions, here is a thread discussing it:

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