Timpani Single Bracket Issue

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to get Dorico to default to always bracketing the Timpani as one single bracket and all the percussion below the timpani as one bracket.
I was trying with the new Instrument Families Option in 5.1 but ran into a little issue.
If the next instrument under the Timpani is a non pitched percussion, the bracket separates as intended. If however it is a pitched percussion, Dorico always brackets it together with the timpani, no matter what I do in the Instrument Families. I tried removing the Timpani from all families and putting it into its own family and also tried removing the mallet instruments from all families they share with the timpani but I can not get the bracket to separate.

I don’t rule out that I don’t fully understand the functionality of Instrument Families yet but I feel like having an instrument in its own family and not in any other family should in all cases create a singular bracket.

Any help is appreciated,

I believe you will find this to be possible in the next update when it arrives; in Dorico 5.1 we are taking the union of the families in which an instrument appears across all of the libraries where families are defined, so even if you remove the timpani from the pitched percussion family and put it in a new one, when Dorico comes to actually decide what bracketing to use, it nevertheless finds the timpani in the pitched percussion family because it’s still there in the factory families. In the next update, it will change such that only the families in the current project will be referenced.


Thank you @dspreadbury ! Looking forward to the next version then :slight_smile: