Timpani trill question

I haven’t seen this aspect of trills addressed in the Version History to the (amazing) 2.2 update, or the Scoring Notes review. If a piece has a timpani tremolo in old-fashioned style, it is often written as a trill, to an implied unison note.

I can set the trill playback to unison in Dorico 2.2, but then a unison auxiliary note appears in parentheses, and I can’t find a way to hide it. Is that possible?


In the properties panel, change the “Appearance” from “auxiliary note” to “accidental”.

Of course if you set the “Interval” to “1 perfect” (i.e a unison) there is no accidental to display!

You can change the default display format in Engraving Options / Ornaments.

Thanks - I should have said, I tried that first and it didn’t work. Does it work for you? I’m on Mac Mojave if that makes a difference.

I read in the Version History that if a trill is larger than a whole step, the auxiliary note will always be shown. I wonder if it always appears if the interval is smaller than a half step? If so, it would be nice to be able to hide it.

I don’t think this is possible at the moment. If a trill interval is not a second we will always show the auxiliary note, and there is no way to hide that.

Thanks for the response! I’d like to request that a unison trill have an option to hide the auxiliary note, if possible.

Really incredible update, I am having a blast!

Oops, I did play with the options before I made the post, but I must have missed setting both the interval and the “accidental” property at the same time. Sorry about that!

I’d like to support this request. It’s great to have trills as an option for timpani rolls, but the aux note should be hidable.

And I would like to share the quote about the update.

The auxilary note is almost chastising the player. “Trill to the same note, obviously…please don’t wear out the pedal.”

But are you using a VST other than HALion? With 2.2 and HALion, I don’t need to set the interval to get the correct behaviour, as I show in the screenshot.