Timpani tunings labels?

Is there a way to use real accidentals for the timpani label? I tried tokens, but that doesn’t work in a label:

You can do it by typing them in the way you normally would in a Shift+X text item in the Edit Names dialog, e.g. copy and paste them from the SMuFL site and make sure you set the character style to ‘Music text’.

If you know how to insert unicode, use U-266D/E/F to input accidentals with whatever font that has the glyphs. Of course, Academico has the glyphs AND the correct kerning.

Thanks that worked great.

It looks good in the score, but didn’t translate to the part:
Screenshot 2019-09-10 at 20.46.43.png

What about if you replace the {@layoutName@} token with the new {@StaffLabelsFull@} token, on the part (or even on the part master page)?

Yes, that works. Thanks Leo.
Screenshot 2019-09-11 at 07.39.22.png
Btw, using SMuFL in the Edit Names dialog in Setup, creates non recognisable characters in the players and Layout panels. Not a big issue, but just wanted to mention this.
Screenshot 2019-09-11 at 07.40.00.png

What’s it supposed to do, Andre? Text fonts don’t contain SMuFL characters.

Ah right, I didn’t make that connection :grin: