Tin can

Dear all,

I want to use graduated tin cans as a percussion instrument (as used by John Cage for instance) and wondered if there is a way to simulate that in Dorico using NotePerformer?

Best wishes,


“Okay, now play like a tin can” might be a little much for the NotePerformer AI. :slight_smile: I think you can get something in the neighborhood by putting a low cutoff filter on as an insert with a bit of resonance to a NP marimba?

You may have to create a Sforzando (sfz) instrument or search till you find one. Creating one from scratch may take less time and should be more fun. There are a number of threads on how to use sfz in Dorico.

When I first saw the title of this thread, I thought it was going to be about headphones. :astonished:

:smiley: Okay thank you guys!