Tin Whistle

Hi there, this song I play on a Tin Whistle and added some orcestration to it.
Tin Whistle

Beautiful !

Soothing sounds and beautiful harmonies. Great orchestral sounds!

Well done and orchestration was nice! Would have loved the feadog louder in mix :slight_smile:

Very beautiful piece, love the plaintive sound of the pipe and very sympathetically orchestrated , nice work.

Thanks for your nice comments.
Making the feadog this loud was a hard fight for me, because I liked the strings in the background in the second part. But I guess you are right making it louder.

First off, double harp was a good decision or the intro would have sounded bare in either the left or right. The tin whistle melody is nice and has the intended relaxing atmosphere. The arrangement is good too.

For the strings, at like 1:31 when they enter they should really have a little bit more of a swell in dynamic. The octaves at 2:16 sound nice and come in with a nice attack. You should have mixed the tin whistle louder at that point though, it just gets buried in the mix which is no good and that is the big problem with the piece. Otherwise it’s written nicely and performed, very well done. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your helpful comments.

It sounds as good as any recordings i have ever heard in this genre !!

monsterjazzlicks thanks for listening and this nice compliment.

Really nice! If THIS had been the theme song for the movie Titanic, you could retire :laughing:

Thank you twilightsong. Unfortunately not, but I am not (yet) so much into retirering :wink: