After the recent debate about the Neo Soul Keys here on this board I started tinkering with rhodes sounds again and after one afternoon this little thing came out of it. Nothing serious, but when I play with an instrument that inspires me, some little ideas come out of nowhere, but they stay little ideas…
Sorry, I am not a professional. Music is only my hobby.

The rhodes came in fact from UVIs Tines Anthology (MK V). Drums and Percussion from Groove Agent 4, Bass and Hammond from Halion 6 and the “funky” guitar and the acoustic guitar from the good old virtual guitarist 2 via jbridge.


I have never before uploaded something into the “cloud world” I hope it works that way as I could not find a way to link to a specific file, only to a complete folder… Its the file called “Tines”

Hi, I think you’ve managed to put these sources together into a coherent package. So I’d say, keep posting, and press yourself to create something unique to you. I’m using Rhodes samples a lot myself. I liked it; keep them coming!