Tiny bug related to Dynamics Suffixes

I almost hate to report this because it is such a small, unlikely thing.

If I use the Dynamics popover to enter mp (under sax solo), Dorico does recognize the parenthesized text as a suffix and adds it to the suffix property. That’s great.

However, for some reason if the last character of the suffix is a right parenthesis, it is ignored. I can’t enter it at all through the popover. But if I go to the property panel, I can enter the full string with closing parenthesis.

This has been reported before, though I can’t instantly find a post that clarifies the development team’s future plans for it.
If you type a fully parenthesised dynamic (e.g. “(mp dolce)”) into the popover, the parentheses are stripped out but the relevant property is turned on so the brackets appear. If you type a dynamic with one of the brackets midway through the string, Dorico doesn’t know quite how to handle it.

Haven’t tried but in the meantime you might put two parentheses in the end. I’ve also encountered this bug by the way.

This bug is still present in 3.5.
Entering two parentheses works, but if I double click the item and then click out of it again, the final parenthesis disappears again.