Tiny error in engraving options

Under Slurs > Cross-Staff Slurs, the two options say “Avoid collisions” and “Do not allow collisions”. These mean the same thing. Either “Avoid” should say “Allow” or “Do not allow” should say “Do not avoid”…

Yes, we spotted that late last week after the software was already rumbling towards the various servers from which you downloaded it today. This, and a few other minor nits in the Engraving Options dialog, will be fixed in the first update.

No worries. I suspect the other “nits” are a couple of places I noticed (but didn’t make a note of, sorry!) where either neither of two options shows as selected by default, or both seem to be selectable.

Indeed, that’s exactly the kind of problem. Even though we have some clever technology under the hood of those dialogs allowing us non-programmer types to wire them up without needing custom code to be written for every option, it’s unfortunately still possible for those of us who wire them up to make the odd mistake, and because we were still finishing that dialog last week, there hasn’t been sufficient time for us to catch all of those odd mistakes before the software had to ship.

I should add that the “visual” options dialogues in Dorico are even more virtuosic than I’d been led to believe by the previews. It’s an inspired idea and very well implemented. Congrats to you and your team.