Tiny little feature refinement request - align easier?

Here’s the issue: Sometimes, if I have a micro fade, when dragging clip edges to align to another clip, Wavelab only sees the cue point and not the clip edge (because it’s such a short fade, the cue point and the clip edge are very close together)… so in order to align to the clip edge, I have to zoom in really close before I can align them. Could this be refined somehow so I could align to the cue point and/or the clip edge more easily?

Here’s an example of what I’m doing:

  1. I record a master into Wavelab on track one
  2. I align the clip edges exactly the way I want, and do the fade in and fade out
  3. Then I record another version of the same song onto track two
  4. Now, I align the clips together so they’re sample accurate with each other… I can now easily A/B versions using the track solo buttons.
  5. If I like the fade in and fade out on version one, and I like the way the clip edges are set, and I want to keep those exact settings for the second track/clip, I
  6. Drag the clip edges on the second clip until the little yellow flag says “clip edge”, but sometimes it only says “cue point”. In order for it to be able to say “Clip edge”, I have to zoom in really close… and that just takes extra time.


What about copy and paste the fade from one clip to the other?

That part works perfectly… so I use that to copy and paste both the start fade and end fade once both the audio and the clip sides are aligned…

It’s mainly just the alignment that’s an issue. I align the wav so the audio in the clips are completely sample accurate to each other (but the clip sides are not the same). When I try to adjust clip sides so they match also, Wavelab tries to snap to cue points instead of the clip edge - so I have to zoom in really close before an option appears to snap to the clip edge.

I note this to my (long) todo list.

Thanks PG!