Tiny USB-C and USB2 dongles for laptops + 1 licence for desktop AND personal laptop

Most producers will want to use Cubase both in their studio on a big main machine AND also occasionally on a laptop away from home.

It would be so useful and dependable if - rather than having to unplug my license dongle from my main machine and plug it into my laptop when working away- I could just have a tiny dongle permanently in my laptop PLUS a dongle for the min desktop system.

Currently there are USB memory sticks available that barely stick out of the USB2 slot on a laptop. this is super safe in order to avoid accidental damage to the dongle and potentially - the laptop motherboard too.
Its high time Steinberg made a dongle that similarly just barely sticks out of the usb slot.

In addition changing the license so that one can use cubase on TWO machines - maybe with the techical restriction that one has to be a laptop and the other a desktop machine ( imac/PC ) would help so many users.

And stop lots of people being tempted to just move to as different DAW that doesn’t use dongles and is more flexible ( like Ableton ) with its licensing policy.

+1 This is a big reason I use Ableton way more than Cubase on my MBP, even though I’m basically 100% Cubase on my main studio rig.