TIP: Alt-Enter in Dynamics

This may be obvious to some, but it only occurred to me after a moment of inspiration, so I thought it’s worth mentioning:

I was trying to enter a dynamic at the end of crescendo on some parts, but not all parts. (E.g. they all had the cresc.)

Because the cresc. was linked (I’d duplicated them down every staff), every time I added the dynamic on one staff, it got immediately copied to ALL staves.

Suddenly, I had a flash: what about Alt-Enter in the popover, creating a ‘local’ dynamic?

Bingo. It worked!

Dorico’s “intuitive” interface at work! Local is local.


Brillant ! I have never tried to do this before, this is a very helpful tip

Beautiful. A real time saver. I don’t know how many times I have had to remove the link in order to accomplish this. image

Nifty! I will make great use of this idea.