Tip: Export project template from Mac to PC (and iPad)

Dorico 4 Pro

I’d created a custom template for a (colliery) brass band on my Mac, and wanted to use it on my PC (and iPad come to think of it).

My solution was to create a dummy piece using the template, then saved it to the Dorico folder on iCloud.

On the PC I imported the dummy piece, deleted all the notes, then saved it as a template.


Why not just copy over the original file the template was created from over?

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Haven’t figured out how to do the same trick with the iPad though. After importing the dummy piece and deleting all the notes, it has to be saved as a regular file since I can’t see a way of saving it as a template.

On opening this regular file, the first thing to do is to give it a new name so as not to over write the original.