Tip: Expression Maps and Program Changes in Kontakt

Hey folks,

As of now Expression Maps don’t yet support Program Changes. However, if you’re using Kontakt you can add Multi-Scripts that can turn MIDI CC commands in Dorico into Program Changes in Kontakt (to take advantage of their instrument banks feature, etc.).

Here is a simple Multi-Script that will allow you to turn a MIDI CC Command to a program change.

Remember everything is ‘0’ based, so CC 3, value 0 will appear as Program Change 001, etc.

Enjoy (replace “X” for desired Controller Lane):

on midi_in

end if

end on

Expression Maps have (as I recall) been supported since version 1. In Dorico 3 use the ‘PC’ button in the expression map editor to insert one.

Oh? I was going off of the manual, which says that “Program Changes are not currently supported”


Aha - I’ll mention that to Lillie. Hopefully you should find that it works.

Thanks Paul!