TIP for anyone transposing MIDI and using chord track

So last night, i thought i’d try playing some more complicated stuff in the C Major scale on keys, and was transposing it +3 semis (Using MIDI Modifiers) to D# Major to get a different sound. I created 5 MIDI tracks (Bass/Chords/Lead etc.) and was really pleased with the result… I was then going to lay (real) guitar over the top so thought i’d transfer my playing to chord track and then i could follow the new transposed chords.

However, chord track read the original MIDI parts that i had played (C Major scale), and not the transposed (+3) versions, and built chord track around that original performance.

I then tried the MIDI Modifier as a MIDI Insert, thinking this would write into the MIDI track with the actual tranposed notes. But no, it was the same behaviour as using the normal MIDI Modifiers on the track header.

Then i discovered the record button on the MIDI Inserts, with this enabled MIDI tracks will not be affected when playing back, but only when you record in. This one way direction is brilliant and means you could have a ton of tracks setup for an easy scale such as C Major, but with transposed applied when playing live and/or recording into a track.

Just thought i’d throw it out there if anyone was looking for a little bit of inspiration, changing key like this can really add a nice chord progression that you may not otherwise come up with, and hooking it into chord track can serve as a great guide for layering other instruments.