tip for deleting inserts in 7.06

I just installed 7.06. easy upgrade for me from 7.04. one thing I notice is that in 7.04 you could click to select an insert then delete it. in 7.06 clicking on the insert opens it instead (unless there is a preference i’m missing? only used new version for 30 minutes). so to delete an insert, just click and hold the left mouse button, and drag the insert to top of mixer. Ed

You can drag anywhere outside of the inserts zone…not just top of mixer. Same applies in the inspector if you don’t have the mixer open.

Only slight annoyance is Cubase’ refusal to remember the “don’t ask again” settings for this…they get reset on restart so your first plug removal always takes a bunch of clicking.

Aloha guys and thanks for this info.

there must be lots of little changes like this. i’m about to start my first paying 7.06 session. time to find them! Ed