Tip for those of you who do not like ClearType..

Don’t know if this has been covered before… But I just wanted to share something that has made life easier for me. I always prefered to run Windows 7 and Cubase 5.5 with Cleartype off, because I’m used to it, and because it’s easier on the eyes in my opinion.

In Cubase 6, however, the standard Cubase font was changed from MS Sans Serif to Segoe UI. Naturally, to be compatible with Cleartype. But the Segoe UI font looks awful if you prefer Cleartype to be turned off.

So I found a page with a simple registry hack that lets you substitute all occurances of Segoe UI in all of Windows 7 and in all other software, including Cubase, with another font:


I substituted Segoe UI with MS Sans Serif in this case, and I’m really happy about it.