TIP: Getting latest version in Google search

We all know that Google will usually supply older versions of the Help pages, because by virtue of their age, they’ve accrued more hits over the years.

For instance, the search “Dorico erase background” gives me two Help pages from version 2; followed by forum pages, then Youtube, Facebook, etc, etc.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, changing the search to “Dorico v4 erase background” gives me the same two Help pages, but from the version 4 mañuel; then results from elsewhere. I also get more results from this forum, and the 4.1 Version History.

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I’m still a big advocate for setting up a custom search in your browser, as I described here:

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Following this thread and Daniel’s tip, I set up custom search in Microsoft Edge (Chrome) and it’s a really nifty feature, saves quite a few keystrokes and navigating to bookmarks!

I set up it up in Settings/Privacy, Search by manually Adding a search engine with the following URL in the bottom field:



Now I type the keyword dh in the address bar, hit tab and see this:


Awesome. Thank you for this tip!

Looks like it’s also possible to set up custom forum search restricted specifically to Dorico via a hashtag:

The URL field shows the value of “23” which I think is the UTF code for hashtag: