TIP: Go for the latest generation USB E-Licenser Dongle.

Dear all,

I am a Cubase user on Mac. (Latest Cubase Pro 10, OSX 10.14.4)

For quite some time i have had weird issues with my first gen. E-Licenser dongle and Cubase.

  • Dongle often not seen in Cubase (didn’t matter if the dongle was directly connected to my macbook or via powered USB Hub),
    so Cubase didn’t want to open.
  • Often all kinds of error messages in Cubase which were dongle related.

These 2 issues seemed to become more and more happening for me, driving me nuts, cause i couldn’t use Cubase because of these issues.
A friend of mine, als using Cubase on Mac, advised me to buy the newest gen. USB E-licenser Dongle.
So i did.
I transferred all my licenses from old to new dongle, via the E-licenser Control Center software, including ofcourse the Cubase Pro 10 license.
(sidenote: awful workflow if you have many licenses, cause you have to transfer the licenses ony by one, you can’t select them all).

And whatta you know:

  • The described 2 issues are completely gone.
  • Cubase often hanged or crashed on closing but now Cubase shuts down properly every time, no hang on exit or crash on exit.
    Now, i don’t know if this last point has to do with the new dongle but it is surely a coincedence.

Just wanted to share this.