Tip: How to add cautionary sigs at end of flow

I’ve discovered that it is possible to create a cautionary time sig and key sig at the end of a flow, should you need it.

  1. Select the final barline of the flow.
  2. Change it to a thin double bar.
  3. With the bar line selected, add the time and/or key sig change.
  4. With the bar rest selected, use the Shift B popover to delete the bar. (-1).

EDIT: This may be a bit unstable and not recommended… :confused:

Ben, I don’t know if it’s just me, but this appears to not be stable. If I do the above and save the project, and then close the project and re-open it, the bar rest and double bar that were deleted in step 4 re-appear. Do you experience the same thing?

hamhm3: It’s not just you; I experience exactly the same thing. Every time that I reopen the project the deleted bar reappears, unwanted and potentially problematical. It would be preferable if the deleted bar stayed deleted.

Yes, this does seem to be happening. Sorry!

There is some way to make this stable in a project after awhile, but I haven’t cracked what it is. Obviously, official support in the future would be the most stable, and especially necessary as there’s no analogous operation would could be done for a cuationary meter change, since the meter is at least part of what creates a bar.

It does stay stable long enough to export, so you could always just create PDFs of the relevant pages.

This much is true—however I am working on a project which has many attacca flows which I have had luck getting this to stick permanently after a save and quit. I have tried writing down what the correct steps are, but it doesn’t seem to be reproducible in a set way. I have additionally gotten this to work in other projects as well, so I don’t expect it to be project-specific. I can’t get my head around it, but at least for now, I am grateful.

Pianoleo has a very clever workaround using a anacrusis in this thread: