[TIP] How to create quick custom mixer views on the fly

I had written a much more detailed and friendly version of this, but this stupid website signed me out while I was writing and I ended up losing the whole thing…

here is a semi quick and dirty way to create a new mixer view on the fly. You’ll be able to control click to select tracks in the edit window and then run these commands… you’ll end up at the mixer view naming window. you can either overwrite the existing name or type a new name for a new view.

This method assumes that you are already using mixer views and that you currently have one engaged (the show/hide button is Orange) This method also assumes that you’re mixer window is currently closed. I trust that you’re are all smart enough to make adjustments based on how you like to work.

works during playback but it can act weird in larger sessions. The N5 mixer takes a while to hide and unhide so there are some repeated commands as well as some arbitrary ones for timing. they are all based on trial and error.

First create this macro::: then give it a key command or assign it to a midi button.

mixer_hide:can hide
mixer-meters: reset
mixer-meters: reset
mixer-meters: reset
mixer-command target: all channels
mixer-command target: all channels
mixer-command target: all channels
mixer-channels: can hide: SET
mixer-channels: can hide: SET
mixer-channels: can hide: SET
mixer-channels: can hide: SET
mixer-command target: selected only
mixer-channels: can hide: clear
mixer-channels: can hide: clear
mixer-channels: can hide: clear
mixer-hide: can hide
mixer-meters: reset
mixer-meters: reset
mixer-meters: reset
mixer-presets: store

When you are finished, CLOSE YOUR MIXER WINDOW, select a few tracks in the edit window and run the macro. If you end up with a blank mixer, or a pop up about the targets, then you did not have the show/hide button active when you ran it. Remember this assumes that you’re already using the views.

The process takes a few seconds to run, practice with it, I’m sure you’ll run into some quirks
However, you can now make a view from selected tracks.

If you like to have the mixer window open all the time, just remove the Devices-mixer line from the macro. Or make 2 macros


This option is a little better IMO. It is essentially the same as above, but you don’t have to worry about nuendo being too slow for the command string in the macro. After a few uses, you memorize the sequence and it’s just as fast. I used SHIFT 1 through Shift 6 just so they were all together.

Select your tracks in the edit window ( or mixer window )

Devices-mixer - …F3 ( or not ) opens the mixer window
mixer_hide:can hide - …SHIFT1 - UNHIDE this will show all hidden tracks tracks in the project
mixer-command target: all channels -… SHIFT2 - this will ensure that the next steps effect all visible channels
mixer-channels: can hide: set - …SHIFT3 - this sets can hide status to all channels
mixer-command target: selected only …SHIFT4 - focus to selected tracks only - your tracks are still selected
mixer-channels: can hide: clear …SHIFT5 - this clears the can hide status from your selected tracks
mixer-hide: can hide …SHIFT1 - this hides everything else
mixer presets: store …SHIFT6 - this opens the save new preset or overwrite dialog

This will leave you at the naming window for your new view set.

3rd party hardware macro (xkeys, programmable controller)

All of the above, but now you can program delays between the key strokes. This is really the most effective I think. In addition to the commands, you can include the naming in this string. I’m set up to name my custom view “`````”.
" ` " is not effected by caps lock and nuendo view sets are case sensitive which is totally stupid. When I’m overwriting my custom view on Mackie view button 8, I use this method. When I want to create view sets of other items I use the macro or keys.

Good luck
Your results may vary

Another TIP

In the preferences, you’ll see - Track Selection Follows Event Selection - under editing. If you have this checked the the methods above are even better. Not only can you control click to select individual tracks, but you can also just lasso the regions you want to balance. For example in my film jobs, most often I’ll have dialog for a given scene taking up just a few tracks… sound effects and backgrounds also taking up just few tracks… but the session has hundreds of tracks and it’s all spread out.

I just shift click the regions to select them all… loop them… run the mixer view command.

Now my mixer only shows the scene I’m working on.

If I want to add another track, I just select all the track in my view, select the new track from the edit window… and just run the commands again.

This is great this can be done, but for $&@! sake we’re audio engineers not programers! :wink: You know, I like to do audio sometimes, in between when I’m trouble shooting bugs and reprograming my DAW’s logic. Lol!

Nuendo is fantastic, but I think all this complex, built it logic is starting to walk all over other logic. You got feature that interfear with other features everywhere. Anyway…

Thanks for the great tip!

Hey this is working great for me. thanks so much for taking the time to post this. Cheers!

You’re very welcome.

are you using the macro? What sort of situations are you using it with?

Yes, with music, keeps me from having to hide every new track I make from all my mixer presets.