Tip: Load plug-in GUI faster

Just noticed that when you shift click a plug-in, its GUI appears instantly. Clicking the e button has a noticeable delay. Every little helps, eh!

That’s a bizarre find that I can corroborate!

There shouldn’t be this delay - this should be fixed. Shame it doesn’t work on VSTi - I’d love it work on Kontakt!

+1 please!



yeah doesn’t seem to work with vsti

You should copy this into the issues forum Steve - it might get overlooked by the devs here.

What! Like all the other issues?

So all they changed in 2 1/2 years is which key you need to workaround this :laughing:


According to Luis Dongos reply in that thread, this is by design. :slight_smile:
After that, the thread was locked.

Sorry Luis, it may have been “by design” until the dev team felt the need to implement the double click emulation hack.
After that it’s, well, just a hack, a workaround, a patch.

Yep … when C7 introduced Double Click to open a plugin GUI,
everyone wanted the Single Click back. A ‘real’ Single Click, that is …
As the new API does not support that anymore, the simple way out was the current hack.
( ie.: let a single click perform a double click in the background )
( That’s why it get’s faster, if you set double click speed to fast )

This is not gonna change anytime soon …
If You need to work fast and ergonomic, Cubase 6.5 is still the way to go.