TIP Monitor PC or MAC Desktop Audio in Cubase

Dear All,

Ever felt the need to have the ability to playback (and maybe record) your PC or Mac’s desktop audio into Cubase?

Well I do. For instance to listen to incoming demo’s or listen to other material from Spotify or Youtube as a reference.

I tried programs like Virtual Cable and similar, those work, but are not for free, and are in my opinion not very userfriendly.

I found a good solution I’d like to share:

  1. Connect your computers built-in digital OUT (if availlable) to the digital IN on your Audio Interface.

  2. To make it work you need your audio interface wordclock to clock to this incoming digital signal!!.

  3. Now you can add the Digital Input of your Audio Interface as a stereo Input Bus.

  4. Choose the new input as a source for any audio track.

Aloha J,
and thanks for the info.

Also if the user does not have the digital I/Os of
which you speak, this can be done all analogue.

Just come out of your 'puter’s analogue ‘out’
and back into your audio interface’s analogue ‘in’
and ‘bob’s yer uncle’.

Of course this is not as pristine as a digital to digital
connection but it is an option for users without
the digital connections; and there are no ‘wordclock’ issues.


Aloha Curteye,

Your right, just make a loop (analog or digital) from built-in sound to your audio-interface that’s the Idea. I really prefer the digital way to bypass a DA and AD traject and to maintain the original quality of the audio. For the last 10 years most mainboards (PC and Mac) have coaxial SP/DIF (with the cinch-connectors) in and out. So why not use them?