Tip on using new ssd?

Hi there people.
I already have a ssd disk as my C/system drive but,I got a new 240gig ssd disk for x-mas, so I wondered how you would use it?

For big VSTi’s like Superiordrummer 2 or as an cubase project drive?

My current setup is like this:
C: (system) 128 gig ssd
physical hd 1: plugins/vsti’s
physical hd 2: cubase projects

Any thoughts or tips?

All the best, Kim :nerd:

The advantage of the ssd ist the access time - so my proposal:
2nd ssd for content of vstis which read their data on loading presets
If you are using much audio files in your projects i would put the cubase projects also on the ssd on a different drive

I got:
c: os on ssd
two ssds for vsti content
one ssd for projects

Use it for superior drummer - so much quicker to load samples

Yeah putting sample data on it is the best use. I played around with putting the same Cubase project on an SSD & HD, didn’t find much (if any) real difference.


Still waiting for dropped prices as I want to have complete 10, BFD3 and AIR instrument pack 2 on SSD (need more then 1 TB).

By the way, I’m also in purchase of an SSD on PCI-express (gives about 4 x the speed of a regular SSD like 2GB p/second read and 1,2 GB write speed), the prices of these have dropped dramatic.