TIP! Setting incremental +1 colors on existing tracks

For a while I’ve had a minor annoyance at my inability to select a bunch of tracks and let Cubase change all the colors incrementally, so each subsequent track gets a new colour.

I find that easy on the eye:

I know in the Preferences you can have new tracks getting +1 color increments, and you can also select a bunch of tracks and give them all the same colour, but well, I didn’t want either of those, I wanted it to incrementally step through the colors on existing tracks.

ANYWAY - figured it out FWIW.

The answer was to use the Project Logical Editor to create a 16 presets - one for each of the 16 colors (for example for Color 1 - ‘if Container Type is Equal to Track And Property is set Event is selected’ THEN: ‘Set color, set to fixed value, Color 1’)

Like this:

…then use a Macro to step through the 16 presets with “Select Track: Next” as a step between every preset:

So now you know. You’re welcome :slight_smile: