Tip to the users mentioning c7 is too dark etc

by default, your preferances for project brightness etc are not carried over. but with a few tweaks you can get the project looking pretty good, see below

here is how my project looks now colour wise and brightness wise


and here are my preferances

hope this helps a bit! or at lest gives you a good starting point!

Yeah I did go in and change up a few things.
I have to say, the Steinberg hub…the general look of that with soft shadows and clean look…
It would be really nice if Cubase looked like that.

And it would look nice if this board looked like that.

(I’ll post that over at Forum issues)

How’s this for light?

Well it worked for Battery 3 :slight_smile:

So you drank the Steinberg’s green koolaid too… :mrgreen:

yikes, should require a public notice to take dramamine before viewing that jpg.

Just about blinded me… :wink: ,