Tip & Trick - split audio files

for about a year now i know this technic. but…
what is the use of cuting regions …basiclly you want to send them to a sampler.
and after cutting samples what is the very elementary thing you need ? …FADES !
to work the enveloppe or simply to avoid clics.
now HOW THE HELL with this tip&trick can you do fades and “freeze” them so they exist in your bounced files ?
creating fades in any sampler is a problem when you work with let’s say 400 samples.
so please tell me how you do this in cubase because in protools you can since … last century !
and if not possible then up this post so cubase update this very elementary function.

I might be misunderstanding you, but my guess is, that´s what for example the event fade handles might be for, also available in Cubase since -well, at least this century. Others would probably use protools… :mrgreen:
Other options would be event envelopes, and offline processing.
EDIT2: Event envelopes won´t work…
EDIT 3: Sorry, Just found out - event Fade handles also dont seem too work, when not applied directly in the project window, so :blush: sorry for first posting then thinking…

Off the top of my head but something that you might be able to adapt.

Once you’ve got your slices as Events (rather than Regions) then you can Select All, enter Fade In/Out values on the Info Line and then Bounce. That will preserve your fades and get the job done in one.

From here I can’t say whether you will still need to set up Regions in the first place and then drag them into the Project Window to create Events, but maybe you can skip this step and snip Events out directly in the Project Window.

Any use? C