[tip] When a VSTi or Hardware synth goes silent

I Had problems with HALion Sonic going silent or more often almost silent for no particular reason. Is it a bug? Naw, nobody has mentioned anything like it and if it was a known problem it would follow some noise in the forums.

First I thought it was something which happened when I loaded songs, then when I loaded HALion Sonic and then specific sounds in HS and THEN … out of the blue the piano sound I was playing went silent!!! Some Hidden automation? Nope!

Continuous controllers? Loaded the MIDI Monitor as a MIDI insert in the Track and lo and behold … “stuff” is happening without me being involved!!! A steady stream of CC#11. Hmm. Looking around for things that emits expression data and THERE!!! My old expression pedal I plugged back into the MIDI controller board a few days ago. At very low values it sputters out data without any change in the position of the pedal but it’s gone with the pedal fully pressed down.

Why? Oxidation? To have better physical contact in the pot in the pedal I try rubbing possible oxidation off by moving the pedal back and forth for a while mostly close to the up position and try again in the MIDI Monitor. Data stream gone! Happiness all over the world! :smiley:

So if someone in the future is searching for this maybe they stumble over this tip?

You’re welcome! :smiley: