Tip when needed to make Sibelius files for clients...

I thought it would be a nice idea to share how I still can deliver Sibelius files to my clients while doing the engraving in Dorico AND avoid having to do a lot of extra engraving/layout work in Sibelius.

Transport xml from Dorico into Sibelius; copy all the music; open a ready to go template for the specific client; paste the music; send the file to my client… :slight_smile:

Maybe there are more tips for this kind of scenarios?

Unfortunately I think you’ll find that the MusicXML export in Dorico is insufficiently well-developed to make this a practical approach. So much will be missing that I suspect it will be useless as a starting point for delivering a Sibelius file. See here.

Ah, yes, I noticed already one case that didn’t translate well because there was an open bar meter in the Dorico score, and Sibelius pushed all of these notes into a single bar/system. That didn’t work. But luckily, for the publisher I need this for, the music is very traditional and I do get very good results because none of the things mentioned in your linked post are needed.

Well, I’m surprised it works well enough to be useful, but I’m glad to hear it!

It’s been years, and many versions ago since I have used it, but do you have the Photoscore OCR scanning component that goes with Sibelius? I remember using it (The full version…not Lite) a fair amount way back in Sibelius 4 days, and it did surprisingly good at pulling in wind band scores and parts I’d scanned in as tiff images.

It might be worth a try. Use whatever virtual printer driver you need to have Dorico make a tiff, pdf, or whatever, and see how it works out with Photoscore.

Dear Brian,
I have photoscore ultimate and use it a lot, but I admit it’s never been in that way ! I use it to get music into Dorico and find it’s working ok, with some room for improvement. Hopefully, the team at Neuratron, while not communicating so openly as Steinberg’s folks here, do read our feedback and seem to be interested in our ideas to keep this software a very nice tool. Anyway, I think your idea is worth considering, especially for those like me who already own the app (version 8.8.6 now) !

Yes, only bars with tuplets aren’t translating that well towards Sibelius plus almost none of the staccato articulations which was I surprised about.
This is a flute/piano sonata from the 1800’s, so it’s not that complicated. Of course, still the best solution would be for the publisher to switch completely to Dorico, which they want in time. But they need to adjust there workflow still.