I have used a bluethooth mouse for ages. Tried my old Logitech “red wheel” usb cable mouse. Now everything is fast in C7! No issues with buttons. No Gui problems. My computer feels twice as fast. Bluethooth and cubase 7 do not match. At least not in my setup. I had to use cable but what a heck. It works!

What is your setup?

Lenovo thinkcentre 3.0 intel dual core. 8 GB RAM. MR816x. Win 7 64. Cubsae 7.03 32 bit. Liquid mix 16. Yamaha TX81Z. ADAM 3. 7200 rpm HD 500 GB. Esata 7200rpm extern 1000 GB. Yamaha KX25.
A few plugin but most daw plug.

Aloha M, and tanx for the tip.

Bluetooth can offer a set of probs all it’s own.

I keep my old wired keyboard and mouse around
just in case.


Are you sure it’s Bluetooth? Or just wireless?

Lenovo laser mouse with Bluetooth connection. I am a lenovi fan but this mouse do not function properly. It has a Bluetooth usb adapter. Drivers are upvto date.

Yes, thanks - I’ll dig out my USB keyboard and mouse to see if it makes a difference.

Let me know!

My Logitech tracker ball Usb mouse is so much more nimble than using any Bluetooth mouse or track pad.

nimble = better ?

Same here – I use a Kensington trackball.

Yes, for sure.

I told you!
Trackball is the future… (dont buy stocks)

That made me laugh :laughing:
Many years ago our CAD systems were either controlled using a Joystick or a Trackball. Then some brainy engineer thought let’s turn the trackball upside down - and so was born the mouse. You say it’s the future, but it’s actually the past! :wink:
Actually the first mice used wheels but I’m referring to the ‘classical’ mouse with the ball developed originally for Xerox.
JFIS: The trackball was a Canadian invention developed under a secret military project (DATAR, a pioneering computerized battlefield information system) and actually used a real 5 PIN Bowling Ball. The DATAR project also established the rudiments of the GUI operating system.
The lead Engineer on this Project, Tom Cranston, although later taught microprocessor technology never felt inclined to buy a personal computer, quoted as saying: “They are too fascinating, I’d get so involved, I wouldn’t have time for anything else.”